Berlin, Germany

September 2018

We booked a last minute trip to the lovely city of Berlin for four days (which made the trip cheaper then booking for three days). I’ve been to Berlin before and it has became one of my favourite city’s to visit. We took a short flight with Ryanair to Berlin Schonefeld Airport, when we arrived it was very easy to navigate the trains and trams to get to our hotel.

Berlin isn’t like London or Paris – it doesn’t feel too busy and has a relaxed atmosphere. It’s relatively cheap and they also use the Euro.

Our hotel was based pretty central and was close to various restaurants and transport into town. The hotel was minimalist, but cute.

On the first night we decided to walk down towards the river to find some German pubs to try the local beer. However, we ended up in an Irish bar, which you always seem to find in any European city. We spent the majority of the night drinking wine and singing to Robbie Williams (Angels).

When the bar closed, we walked back to our hotel and noticed a kebab shop. We needed food…desperately. We bought two kebabs and realised that these were quite possible the best kebabs in Berlin. If your in the area, grab a kebab from Kebab Baba.

It was our first day exploring in Berlin and I took my friend on a little tour of the city. Our first stop was the Reichstag Building.

It’s s a notable place to visit and one of the most famous buildings in Berlin. It would be a great place to sit and have a picnic on the grass outside, if the weather is good.

The next stop on our tour was the Brandenburg Gate. This picture was taken from my last trip to Berlin, as the gate looks even more spectacular in the evening.

All the buildings and monuments are relatively close together and you can easily walk to them all. It was also really easy to use Google Maps to find our way to each place.

Just down the road and a short walking distance away is the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe. This was a sobering experience.

The next stop was Checkpoint Charlie. The checkpoint is based in what seems to be a really busy area of Berlin. Next to the checkpoint is a food market area were you can buy the famous currywurst.

On our exploring day we also visited the Berlin Wall Memorial and The Topography of Terror.

When I visited Berlin a few years ago we stayed in a different part of the city and were close to The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The church spire was damaged in World War II by an air raid.

In this part of Berlin you can also find an amazing Christmas shop, which is open all year round.

The second day was a lot of fun. Before we went to Berlin I had researched various spa’s in the city so we could go and relax.

I found somewhere called the Liquidrom. This is a spa like no other. The Liquidrom has saunas, steam rooms and a pool under a dome which plays music under the water.

We literally spent two hours floating in a salty pool, cleansing our hangovers.

Berlin is a friendly and ‘chilled out’ city. The majority of people ride bikes and don’t seem to be in a rush for anything. If you visit Berlin, there is plenty to do and see.

You must try the German food and beer. It’s a fun city and wont disappoint.

Until next time Berlin…


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