Top Ten Tips for Safari

In no particular order…

1. Don’t wear bright clothing.

Try to wear khaki green or cream. Grey and black colours are also appropriate.

2. Be prepared for an early start.

Game drives start early. When I went on safari we were knocked up at 04.45, ready to go on the game drive for 05.30. Try to go to bed early and get a good nights sleep.

3. Relax throughout the day.

Make the most of your day to catch up on your sleep, trust me you’ll want a snooze after waking up so early. So try to grab a few hours by the pool.

4. Ask questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask the ranger plenty of questions. They are very knowledgable and no question is considered a daft question.

5. Ranger and Spotter tips.

At the end of the trip don’t forgot to tip your ranger and spotter. The ranger does get a bigger tip then the spotter.

6. Take a good camera.

On my last Safari I only took pictures on my mobile phone and I wish that I had taken a professional camera. There were too many amazing photo opportunities and I wish I had taken a ‘proper’ camera.

7. Get a good seat on the jeep.

This may sound like a silly tip, but if you sit on the very upright back of the jeep, it will be very bumpy. However, if you want a more relaxing game drive sit down near the front.

8. Be prepared to pee in the bush.

You will hear the words “there’s your toilet, behind the termite mound”. I often needed to pee when we were out on a game drive and you do get the opportunity to go to the toilet half way on the drive.

9. Pick a good game reserve.

Do your research. Does the reserve have all the animals in the big 5? It’s not guaranteed that you will see any animals. However, Sabi Sands (Kruger National Park) was amazing and we saw plenty of animals each day. Although, some friends of mine have been to other game reserves in Kenya and did not see many animals. Choose wisely.

10. Remember to lock your lodge doors.

If it is known that there are baboons on the game reserve, they more than likely know how to open doors. Trust me…it has happened and they have ransacked lodges many times. Those pesky baboons!

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