Grenada ‘The Spice Island’

Grenada is one of my favourite islands in the Caribbean (West Indies). It’s nicknamed the ‘Spice Isle’ and you can see why if you visit a spice hut. I’ve been to Grenada twice now as part of a Caribbean Cruise and I would love to go back for longer than a day to explore the island more.

You can use US Dollars in Grenada. A top tip when visiting any Caribbean Island…take a lot $1 notes. It’s good to tip the locals and tourism is their biggest income. Also, make sure the notes are new, as a lot of locals and places won’t take worn / used dollars.

Each time we’ve been to the island we’ve arranged a private taxi to take us round the rainforest. The private taxis dont cost much for a few hours and they are well worth the money.

It can also be quite humid in the rainforest…so be prepared to get a bit of a sweat on!

The Spice Huts

The first stop in the taxi was a trip to a little spice hut. The locals run the spice huts and work in partnership with the taxi drivers. Make sure to take some US Dollars with you to give the locals tips. The locals will give you a presentation about the islands spices and the famous nutmeg. You’ll also get the chance to buy local goods. Make sure you try the ‘chocolate balls’ which you can use to make your own hot chocolate.

Annandale Falls
The next stop on the private taxi tour is Annandale Falls. This is a waterfall in the middle of the rainforest. When the taxi drops you off you do have to pay a small entrance fee and it’s a very short walk down to the waterfall. Both times we have been there have been locals selling goods and a man playing a guitar who will sing a song about a celebrity you look like (which is funny when he’s singing about your Dad looking like Richard Gear).
When you get to the waterfall, you’ll meet the Waterfall Jumpers, who if you tip will jump into the water from a great height. I have also seen people swim in the waterfall, so if you want to have a dip…don’t forget your bikini. It’s only a small waterfall and you won’t be there for long.
Grand Etang National Park
On the last part of the private taxi trip, the driver may take you to Grand Etang National Park. This is where you can visit a volcanic crater and you may spot a monkey or two.
You will again have to pay a small entrance fee and in the park you can go to the house and learn about its history, have a refreshment and take a toilet break. It’s a peaceful site, with scenic views. If your on a private taxi tour, again you won’t stay here for a long time, but it’s worth the trip.
It’s an interesting journey through the rainforest. There are small wooden houses built on stilts and you may see a eucalyptus tree.
The views are beautiful and you’ll have you a fantastic view when you climb further up into the rainforest.
Until next time Grenada…

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