Top Ten Tips for Cruising

In no particular order…

1. Choose the right cruise for you.

I’ve cruised with Marella Cruises (TUI) for 3 years running and they have been fantastic. Marella is not as formal as some other cruise companies. The dress code is more relaxed and the staff are brilliant. Do your research before you go and pick a ship that will suit your needs.

2. Don’t worry about your bags.

When you check your bags in at the airport in the UK, you will not see your bags again until they are outside your cabin on the ship. So don’t panic, you will be reunited with your luggage.

3. No cash is exchanged on board.

I’m not sure whether this is the same on every cruise, but on Marella you have your own ship card and you use this when buying drinks and anything from the shops. You get a bill half way through and at the end of your cruise. So don’t worry about taking extra cash.

4. Check out excursions on shore for cheaper trips.

Sometimes it makes it cheaper to book excursions through the locals on shore. The excursions can be quite pricey on the boat and you could potentially get these cheaper when you dock.

5. Make the most of ship at sea day.

Ship at sea day is a good day to relax by the pool or explore the boat. The entertainment crew will also put on games and behind the scenes tours, so check the ‘cruise news’ to see what you can do on your free day.

6. Get a sun lounger early.

This must sound familiar from every other holiday you’ve been on, but it’s a good tip. Sun loungers go fast by the pool. However, you’ll often find one down the side decks on the ship.

7. Dress formal for captains night.

Remember to take a posh frock for captains night. There is normally one formal night on a Marella Cruise and this is your chance to meet the captain and have your photo taken. To be fair, it’s not as formal as you’d expect.

8. Check to see if tips are included.

On Marella Cruises all your tips are included which is great! So no need to worry about paying for extra add-ons at the end of your cruise.

9. Check your smoking decks.

There are places where you can smoke on a cruise ship. Make sure to ask which decks you can smoke on. There is normally one on a top deck next to a bar and down one side of the ship.

10. Be prepared to join in!

There is a lot of entertainment on board the ship. Be prepared to sing, dance and act a bit silly. It’s all good fun and you’ll find yourself really enjoying your nights with the rest of your fellow passengers.

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