Düsseldorf (Christmas Markets)

December 2017

Düsseldorf holds a big place in my heart, as I used to live here when I was younger for a few years. It was an amazing place to experience as a child and still an amazing place to visit as an adult.

On my list visit here (as I’ve been back many times) we stayed in the business district of Düsseldorf in the Radisson Blue Hotel (Goltzheim). The hotel is situated in a nice area, with fantastic transport links into the centre. The hotel has a swimming pool and sauna, which is great when you’ve been out all day in the cold and you fancy a relaxing evening. The rooms are large in size and are very clean.

The Christmas Markets run from around November 22nd to December 30th. There are a few different areas the markets are situated. For example; Marketplatz and Heinrich-Hiene-Platz. The markets are what you expect, little wooden huts decorated in a Christmas feel. They sell treats, handmade crafts and you can even get some mulled wine.

There are plenty of other activities you can try whilst in Düsseldorf. For example; the Altbier Safari. A guide will take you round the best microbreweries in the city and you get to try the local alt beer. I think you receive around five free alt beers. When we went on the tour the guide spoke both German and English. The tour also lasts around 2 hours. So get ready to get your ‘drink on’.

The city also has a big wheel with pods on it that you can get on and go round to see the fantastic views of Düsseldorf. We went on the wheel at night, which was a great way to see the city all lit up. Although, I’m scared of heights so I didn’t enjoy it much. The wheel was situated on Burgplatz when we visited.

When in Germany you have to try the food. Why not try a gigantic pork knuckle? There was around 15 people in our group and nearly all of us ordered a pork knuckle. I don’t think one of us managed to finish it. When we looked around the restaurant we noticed that a lot of locals had bought one to share. So no wonder non of us could eat it all.

Düsseldorf also hosts the fantastic Rheinturm (Rhin Tower). The tower is approximately 172.5 metres tall and has a restaurant and snack bar at the top. You can buy tickets on the day and catch a lift to the viewing point. This is also another great way to see the city from above.

If you fancy a nice walk in beautiful surroundings, you can go to a lovely park called ‘Nord Park’. Nord Park is situated north of the city near the River Rhine. It has an aquarium, gardens and fountains. It also has a beautiful Japanese garden.

Düsseldorf is a fantastic city at anytime of the year. If your looking for great night life…check out Bolker Strasse. It’s full of different bars and traditional German pubs. Or if you looking for great shops, head to Konigs Allee. It’s a pretty city and has a lot to offer. I would definitely recommend a long weekend in Düsseldorf.

Until next time Düsseldorf…

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