Cuba (Havana)

Welcome to Havana!

The fun, vibrant and exciting city of Cuba. We did two days in Havana as part of a cruise destination. We expected music, dancing and drinking. However, just before our trip, Fidel Castro had died and the country was in mourning for 7 days. Which meant music and dancing was banned.

A newspaper reporting Fidel’s passing which cost me approximately the equivalent of $20.

It’s a closed currency in Cuba. The locals use Cuban Pesos and tourists must use the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC).

The weather is Cuba is good. It can reach highs of 27 degrees and the most rainfall happens between June and October.

On our first day we decided to do a little trip in an old vintage car. There are now new cars on the road. However, you will still see many old vintage cars.

The trip took as around the city with a driver and a guide. On one of our stops we went to Revolution Square. This seemed to be a popular destination in the old vintage cars and I must have counted around 40 cars parked up with tourists doing the same trip.

We also stopped outside some run down buildings and a John Lennon bench. You will see a lot of buildings in need of work in and around the city.

There are many flags in the city with great photo opportunities. Also, go for a wonder around the streets to really get the feel for this incredible place. We passed a little school which was a room in a run down building.

You may also get asked for pens, pencils and paper by the locals.

We also walked through a lovely little square with restaurants.

Havana felt like a city trapped in time. Although, it does feel like the city is catching up and there are modern cars and buildings popping up everywhere. I’m glad I got to experience Cuba before the rest of the world descends on the country.

Until next time Cuba…

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