Top Ten Tips for Long Haul Flights

In no particular order…

1. Mentally prepare.

There’s nothing worse than knowing you have a 10 hour flight ahead of you to reach your destination. I like to emotionally prepare and think ‘the time will pass’. I cut the flight hours into chunks and I know once I’ve watched about four films, the plane will be landing.

2. Get moving.

It’s hard to sit in the same seat for such a long time. Get yourself moving. Have a walk up and down the plane. Stand up by your seat for ten minutes, or even do some stretches sat down. Keep yourself active. This also helps your body in altitude.

3. Watch films.

Make the most of the inflight entertainment. Get some films saved on a list and work your way through. This will help pass the time and before you know it you’ll be touching down on the runway.

4. Try to sleep.

Sometimes that’s easier said then done. If your lucky you’ll be on a night flight and you’ll find this easier to nod off. You’ll also have a little airplane blanket and eye mask. Try and catch some zzz’s. Trust me you’ll feel better for a nap.

5. Play some games.

Why not play a few games. This could be on the touch screen in front of you or with your fellow passengers your on holiday with. My mate always laughs at me when I take a puzzle book on a flight. However, she always wants to join in mid flight.

6. Make the most of meal times.

Meal times are great on a flight. Turn your film off and take half an hour to enjoy your inflight meal. This breaks the time up well and if your lucky you’ll be flying on a luxury airliner with good grub.

7. Don’t clock watch.

Clock watching is easily done. Try not to do this. This will make time go slowly and it will make the flight feel a lot longer.

8. Relax and enjoy.

Just relax and enjoy the flight. How often do we get to sit and do nothing in our lives? Not very often. So get comfy and put your chair back ready to chill out.

9. Go get another drink.

Have you ever been on a long haul flight and they’ve not been round for ages with another complimentary drink? Why not have a walk to the back of the plane and ask for another drink.

10. Wear comfy clothes.

Make sure you wear something comfy for a long haul flight. Your going to be cooped up for a long time and you need feel relaxed. If you wear restricting clothing, this is not going to make for a relaxing flight. Get your joggers and hoody on ready to go.

The Thomson Dream Liner Plane…. ‘Thomson Wave’ lights!

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