A Day in Mexico (Tulum)

December 2016

The currency used in Mexico is Mexican Pesos. However, the US Dollar may be accepted in tourist areas. The weather can reach highs of 28 degrees and the worst month for rainfall is September.

We visited Mexico as part of a Caribbean Cruise with TUI. The ship docked at Cozumel (a Mexican Island) and we caught a ferry across to Playa Del Carman. We didn’t stay here long and off we went on an excursion to visit the Mayan Temples. Playa Del Carman is slightly touristy, with its brash bars and tourist shops.

A coach picked us up and we drove to Tulum. Whilst we waited for the coach we saw a wild pig having a nosey. Also, on the way to Tulum, we stopped off at a big gift shop on the side of the road. They served us free Tequila shots. I got slightly tipsy singing “tequila, it makes me happy!”.

The drive to Tulum took around an hour. It was quite interesting to see the streets of Mexico by coach.

Tulum is home to a collection of Mayan Temples. A guide took us round the site and gave us a speech on the history of the tribe.

The area used to be a seaport and was protected by a wall.

There was one piece of information I remembered from this tour…Mayan’s used to sacrifice humans. EUGH!

There are many iguanas in Mexico and other Caribbean Countries. It felt like spot the iguana…

The temples were amazing. However, it was very very hot. Make sure you buy a bottle of water as there aren’t any shops there to access until you come out of the temples and your back near the entrance.

Next to the temples is the coast line and we got a few hours at this stunning beach. The sand was golden and the sea was turquoise. It is one of the best beaches i’ve been to in the Caribbean. BEAUT-IFUL.

So don’t forget your swimsuit…

If you visit Mexico you have to try the food. Mexican food is one of my favourites and eating authentic Mexican food was like a dream… mmm real guacamole…

After visiting the temples and beach you walk back to the coach and you’ll find some amazing gift shops. You can go crazy here and you’ll find everything from fridge magnets to day of the dead skulls.

If you only have one day in Mexico I would recommend visiting the nearby temples and beach. Make the most of your short time in this fantastic country and make sure you grab a burrito!

Until next time Mexico…

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