Sorrento – Italia!

I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and I’d heard amazing things about Sorrento. It was a great trip and it was awesome to visit Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius, as well as eat my body weight in pasta and pizza.

The currency used in Italy is Euros and the best time to visit for hot and sunny weather is July and August.

We stayed in a hotel about 20 minutes from Sorrento. The hotel was nice but it did feel like a transit hotel. However, the food was lovely and the hotel had a great view of Mt. Vesuvius from its private pier.

The centre of Sorrento is very pretty. It’s full of restaurants and shops that sell the famous limoncello. On one evening we walked past a shop selling soft furnishings when we spotted a bunch of cats in the shop window…meow!!

It’s been on my bucket list to visit Herculaneum and Pompeii for a long time and both did not disappoint. I was so surprised at how big Pompeii was and how many buildings and art work are still visible.

Both Pompeii and Herculaneum were buried under ash when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.

Herculaneum was smaller but full of well preserved items.

On one day we booked an excursion to visit Mt. Vesuvius. The shorter walk to the top of the volcano was cut off due to not being accessible. So off I went up the volcano on my own to spend ten minutes at the top so I could make it back down and back the coach in time. I would recommend a visit to the volcano, as it was fascinating to peer into the crater to see steam coming out of holes on the sides.

We were lucky that day that it did not erupt. However, the last eruption happened in 1944. Eeeek!

I’ve always wanted to visit the small island of Capri and we headed out on a ferry for the day. However, when we got there I only managed a quick boat ride round the island and a walk around the harbour because I started to feel unwell. Just my luck…

This was my first proper visit to Italy and Sorrento was lovely. The Italians drive like crazy, but the food was delicious. I stuffed my face full of pasta and drank a lot of limoncello. Foodies will love Italy.

Until next time Sorrento…


  1. Hello.

    You made a gorgeous post! So many wonderful places presented in one post. Thank You.

    Last Tuesday I also presented Sorrento, but my photos are ten years ago. Welcome to see.

    Have a wonderful day!

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