Jamaica – A Trip to Rose Hall

Travelling back in time to December 2016. Montego Bay was on the destination list for our Caribbean Cruise. We sailed with TUI (now Marella Cruises) my favourite cruise company and headed around the Caribbean before stopping in Jamaica.

The currency used in Jamaica is Jamaican Dollars. However, US Dollars are accepted in most tourist areas.

The weather is Jamaica is the usual hot and sunny all year round. Although, the most rainfall happens between the months of September to December.

We didn’t have long in Montego Bay, as we were flying home in the afternoon so we booked an excursion to Rose Hall. Rose Hall is an old Georgian style house with an adjourning plantation.

On the way to Rose Hall our guides gave us a run down of the area whilst we drove through the streets of Montego Bay. One of our guides even sang us a song!

There is a tale surrounding the hall of Annie Palmer (the white witch) who supposedly murdered her three husbands. However, I went believing the story and the guides make it sound very real, but we found out that it is actually not true…

The tour around the house was ace. The guides were brilliant and it was very informative. The house was impressive and you can even get married here. Furthermore, Johnny Cash had a house nearby and donated furniture to the hall. You can even buy Johnny Cash merchandise from the gift shop.

On the way back to the boat from Rose Hall we stopped at a shopping centre. This is a great place to stock up on your gifts before you leave the island.

Montego Bay Airport was great. If you fly from here check out the ‘Cool Runnings’ restaurant which plays the film on loop whilst you eat your fried chicken.

If I had more time on the island I would have booked on a canopy tour and visited the River Falls. Also, if you like golf, there’s apparently a crackin’ course in the area.

Until next time Jamaica…

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