A Day in Grand Cayman

Who doesn’t love the Caribbean? The sun, sea and white sandy beaches. Grand Cayman definitely has it all. We spent the day here back in December 2016.

Grand Cayman is the biggest out of the Cayman Islands. The currency is the Grand Cayman Dollar. However, US Dollars are widely accepted.

The weather is the usual Caribbean temperature consisting of hot and sunny days all year round. The hottest month is usually August and the most rainfall happens in October.


We visited the island as part of a cruise itinerary (Marella Cruises) and only had a day to explore. We docked in George Town and decided the only thing we had time for was to hit the nearby beach.

The best way to get around is to catch a taxi. This also helps the locals, as on a lot of Caribbean island, tourism is the main sauce of income.


We caught a taxi to the Royal Palms Beach Club. This is a popular destination for cruise tourists to go to when they visit the island. There is a small entrance fee and you get full use of facilities at the club.

You will have to hire a sun lounger, but you will be able to use the toilet facilities and swimming pool.

There’s also a bar, so get the rum punch ordered, lay back and feel the sun on your face.

The beach (Seven Mile Beach) was like PARADISE. Grand Cayman is great for snorkelling and spotting the marine life. The beach has also won awards!

If you don’t have much time on the island, I recommend going to a beach club to have a relaxing day.

Why not book an excursion to stingray city? Or try some jet skiing? Grand Cayman is your typical beautiful Caribbean island. Full of amazing beaches, crystal clear seas and friendly Caribbean locals.


Also, why not do a bit of shopping? Diamonds International (DI) is very popular on Caribbean islands and Grand Cayman is no different. Go grab a bargain at the local DI shop.

Quick tip…remember to take a lot of $1 notes to tip the locals.

Until next time Grand Cayman…

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