Curaçao, Willemstad

Curaçao, the Dutch Caribbean island in the sun. What a treat it was to explore the capital, Willemstad.

The currency in Curaçao is Antillean Guilder. However, US Dollars are widely accepted. The weather is hot and sunny all year round. Although, the highest rainfall happens between the months of October to February.

My first glimpse of Curaçao was from the ship docked in the port. All I could see was a picturesque town full of crazy colourful houses. Curaçao has many pastel coloured colonial buildings. Great for the tourist pics!

We started our day having a walk through the town. It’s a great place to grab a coffee by the river and watch the boats sail past. Curaçao has a pontoon bridge ‘Queen Emma Bridge’ which opens to let passing boats through.

There’s many great shops in the town. Why not check out the shopping at Renaissance Mall and Rif Fort…

There’s loads you can do in Curaçao. Why not try snorkelling, paddle boarding or a 4×4 safari drive?

We spent our afternoon at a nearby beach club. The beach was easily accessible by taxi and like many Caribbean islands, the taxi fares are reasonable and you’ll pay a small entrance fee to the club.

This particular beach club was fantastic. The beach was incredible and the water was warm. So lay back, relax and enjoy the sunshine.

The funny thing about this beach club was the amount of random chickens walking around the beach. Just having a great time!

Until next time Curaçao…

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