St Lucia (Castries)

St Lucia is in my top three best Caribbean islands to visit. St Lucia has it all. Gorgeous beaches, clear waters, green leafy palm trees and red hot Caribbean days.

The weather in St Lucia is hot hot hot! The highs reach over 30 degrees and the most rainfall happens between June and October. The currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, but US Dollars are widely accepted.

I’ve been to the island twice now as part of a cruise itinerary. The ferry port is in the capital of Castries and on both occasions we explored the town and the nearby beaches.

Marella Cruises are my favourite cruise company to sail with…

The town of Castries is easily accessible from the ferry port and it’s around a 15 minute walk. You can see it from the boat.

When you get into town there isn’t much to do to be honest. There’s an indoor market with a dodgy sign.

You can buy all sorts here. You can get anything from hot sauce to gifts to take home. Also, across from the indoor market there’s an outdoor market that sells tourist gifts.

In the afternoon we caught a taxi to a local beach called Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay. The must beautiful beach I have ever had the pleasure to visit. We paid to enter a beach club and paid extra for a sun lounger.

There are plenty of water sports going on and you’ll find lots to do if you don’t want to just relax on the beach. I wanted to try jet skiing but got too scared to drive it myself so a lovely local guy took me round and started doing donuts on the water.

The water is crystal clear and it’s by far the best sea in the Caribbean. You can see the tropical fish swim past your legs and we even saw a crab walking past. Watch they don’t nip your feet!

Top tip…make sure you take a lot of US Dollars ($1) because you will get many locals approaching you to spend money on trinkets and asking to rub your legs with aloe vera.

We spent the afternoon at the beach and then the same taxi came back and picked us up to take us to our cruise ship. It’s very easy to get around by a taxi and the locals will help you out if you get stuck so don’t panic!

If I had more time I would definitely explore other parts of the island but Reduit Beach is well worth a visit.

Until next time St Lucia…


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